Let's build you a website!

Let's build you a website!

Let's get started!

Below you will find all the resources you need to gather the materials for your website build. You'll find videos, resources, and links to forms to submit your content.

Once all your content is ready to go we will book your build day! The end result? Your very own beautiful WordPress website that is easy-to-update & grow.

While you can move through these materials as quickly as you wish, planning is the most important part of a successful website! While the Starter Website package provides a defined structure for each page of your site, it is still important that you put some effort into writing effective content and gathering the right images.

  1. Complete the Website Strategy Form

  2. Write your copy & gather site images using the Starter Website Content Guide.

  3. Submit your site copy and images and notify us at info@thewebsitedoula.com.

  4. Your site draft will be complete within 5-7 days. Next, send us a list of requested edits to fine-tune the draft!

  5. Live session via zoom to fine-tune your new website.

  6. We launch! You receive video trainings to edit & keep your website up-to-date.